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About Tourist Walks

Like you we are Tourists. We’ve travelled around the major Cities of the UK, and beyond, doing guided walks, either “Free” (donation at the end!) or paid for, spending around two hours with a crowd of other people. Often we were longing for a drink, or the toilet, but unable to stop without missing out. The guides also varied, sometimes there were OK sometimes they weren’t. Mainly we felt that one walk just couldnt cover enough to get a real feel for the City and its history.

So, we decided to develop the Tourist Walks App for those who need more but in a flexible way. The aim of the App is to creat circular walks, in each City we cover, well enough to satisfy any tourist looking to enjoy the experience both in terms of tthe sights, the flexibility, and the information. The circular walks take you to most, if not all, the places of interest you are going to want to see. At the same we give you the interesting snippets of information that we hope will cause you to say “amazing I never knew that”.

What’s more, because you are being guided by an app, you can pause, rewind or stop at any time, and for any reason. For instance you may want to spend more time looking around where you are, rather than be hurried on to the next place. Because they are circular you can choose to start and stop at a variety of tourist spots on the walk. With the Tourist Walks App thats no problem.

Why not download the Tourist Walks App now from your app store. Remember each City we cover includes a walk absolutely FREE. Happy Sightseeing.