About Tourist Walks App

The Tourist Walks App for those who need to discover cities but in a more flexible way than being attached to large groups. The aim of the App is to provide great circular walks, in each City we cover, well enough to satisfy any tourist looking to enjoy the experience both in terms of the sights, the information and the flexibility to discover a city at your own pace. The circular walks take you to most, if not all, the places of interest you are going to want to see. At the same we give you the interesting snippets of information that we hope will cause you to say “amazing I never knew that”.

Because you are being guided by an app, you can pause, rewind or stop at any time, and for any reason. For instance you may want to spend more time looking around where you are, rather than be hurried on to the next place. Because they are circular you can choose to start and stop at a variety of tourist spots on the walk. With the Tourist Walks App that’s no problem.

Why not download the Tourist Walks App now from your app store.
Happy Sightseeing.

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Q&A For Walk

No. After the walks have been downloaded, for which you need an internet connection, no mobile data is required to do the walks.

No you can pause and resume at any point within the walk. Whether you need a coffee or a comfort break the walks are entirely flexible.

Yes you will receive both verbal guidance and a GPS enabled map to take you around each of the points of interest on the walks.

No the walks are circular so you will receive multiple options of where to start each walk.

Yes there are providing you buy them as a bundle, not one at a time. You can even buy all the walks in one package at a very generous price.

For each point of interest you will get information both verbally and in text and sometimes video form together with helpful images to get the most from each one.

You can pay by all manner of credit and debit cards as well as Paypal.

Yes we would love to hear from you through our website: www.touristwalks.co.uk

In the walk summary we point out if the walk is suitable for wheelchairs and pets, and there is also an indication of the distance of the walk, and how long it will take.